Why Immigrate To Canada?

Bicycle by the fence colored with Canadian flag

When you decide to move to another country, you might consider different options. Your decision would depend on economic situation, climate, prospects for your family and even the structure of the immigration system. Unfortunately, not every country is immigrant-friendly. Canada is simply different! It could be the best choice for many families and individuals from abroad.

Here is why:

Transparent immigration system

The ways to come to Canada are quite straightforward and benefit young adults with high language level and good education. Even when you don’t exactly match the immigration programs, you might still be eligible to come to work or study. Canada preaches multiculturalism and is very welcoming to immigrants!

One of the best countries ever

In 2018 Canada once again was at the top of the list, ranking #1 in quality of life and #2 overall in the world! Canada has a lot to offer: high standard of living, very low crime rate, free medical system and school education, fantastic business opportunities ans so much more!

People playing hockey next to a mountain view

Beauty of nature

Canadians are very mindful of looking after ecology and nature. Canada has some of the most beautiful places in the world and they are preserved in the best manner possible. Travelling through national parks, you will see gorgeous mountains, stunning lakes, magnificent waterfalls and witness wildlife but not much of a human presence apart from the road itself. You can leave in the country for years and still be surprised by yet another breathtaking view when on a road tip.

People are kind and friendly

All around the world they say that Canadians are nice. This is not a myth! People that you will come across in everyday life would smile at you, pay you compliments or help with a door. They are always first to say “sorry” even when it’s not their fault. Canadians love children and nobody would raise their eyebrows if you take your baby to a doctor’s appointment or a bank.

It is easy to be happy here

Canada is great to work and run a business, find friends and raise a family, stay close to your community and get support, travel and be active. There is no better place if you are looking to get a fresh start in your life. It gives you a sense of comfort and security. There might be no perfect country in the world, but Canada is as close as it gets!

Next time: Canadian Immigration System Explained

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